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Live Long and Prosper [27 Jun 2009|06:00pm]
So! Thursday, was a crazy day. Right after lunch, chrissy sent me an email saying that Michael Jackson died... I didnt believe it at first but after scowering the internet for what seemed like an eternity, TMZ.com and CNN announced it... Everyone at work was in shock. Sad sad day- rest in piece MJ. After work, Chrissy and I headed down to Westwood to go see the play Farragut North with Chris Noth and Chris Pine. Got to the theater and sat down in our seats. While looking around before the show, I saw this man who completely looked familiar but I was like meh... who could it be? Then Chrissy looks over and goes "oh my gosh, it is leonard nemoy... and zachary quinto"! Sure enough, it was both of them. Leonard Nemoy and his wifey with Zachary Quinto and his mom. They were so precious together. The show was really good, the acting was amazing. Afterwards we went to see what updates there were about Michael Jackson at the UCLA med center which was just across the street. Very mixed emotions this day.
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I had a great weekend with my twin sis [19 Apr 2009|02:03am]
Great weekend with the sis consisting of:
Fri- afternoon bike ride then the hannah montana movie (which was a little disappointing but not bad... the songs (and hannah's dresses) were amazing!
Sat- Salzers record store day.
AOF played but there was NO parking to be had so we listened from the parking lot in the car... stupid icarly was signing stuff so there were a trillion little alien children running around with balloons. HELL-O! AOF > i carly. 'Nuff said.
Then we cruised over to oxnard for some shopping (I got the BEST betsey johnson ring! If voldemort himself proposed to me with this ring I would say yes just because the ring is so amazing- and I don't mean ralph fiennes, i mean voldemort.)
Ate chams (which was nice and saucy today...mmm)
Went to CSUCI to catch a few bands at the picnic- James or John West who was pretty much a wigga butch walker and Cute is what we aim for aka Our band is washed up and we can only play colleges to 30 people who are too busy talking to their friends to watch us be really sad and pathetico.
Next we headed over to the apple store to look for an ipod player (who knew apple store geeks were so fun?)
Then the creation of perCUPsion. PerCUPsion was created to the song Jet- Cold Hard Bitch using somewhat empty starbucks venti iced green tea latte cups with ice in them still. (A video demonstration will surface soon, i am sure)....
Then a jon bovi style sing along all the way to the movie theater where we went to see adventureland which was cute. Now at home wishing I could jam on the guitar and drink a fruity girly drink at the same time but alas, it is 2:08am...... Time for bed!
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holy shit [13 Jan 2009|12:16am]

Denis and Joe have a new band called all night dynamite which is super like techno/pop....

This is weird... haha
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dang [06 Jan 2009|01:23pm]
And I am sick. This sucks. Hopefully I can go to work tomorrow because I do not want to have to take off much more sick time for now. Been sitting on the couch watching real chance at love, full house, etc.

Hopefully this zicam stuff starts kicking my cold's butt. I think I got it from jakey because he and syd are sick. Poor babies.
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Ughhhh [05 Jan 2009|09:37pm]
I feel like I am getting sick.... hopefully I will be better by weds for the culprit/ vogue show. DANG!!!!! Why have I been sick so much this season? I feel like its been every other week. Fingers Crossed it goes away ASAP.
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This sucks. [05 Jan 2009|12:21am]
Its now 12:20 am and I am not the least bit tired AND I may or may not have jury duty tomorrow. Sucks that I gotta be up by 6 am. I suppose I will bring my laptop with me in order to not suffer all day... or maybe some harry potter books!!
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Made my weekend [04 Jan 2009|10:12pm]
I forgot to write that yesterday while ali chrissy and I were out shopping at the mall, a forever 21 male employee asked the 3 of us if we were models. This was so amazing to me because its the freaking topanga mall forever 21 meaning they get a lot of gals that look more like models than us in there. So good for me. We probably seemed really rude because we all simultaneously gave this dude a "what the freak are you smoking?" kind of a look. But that was just because it was such a nice compliment/total shock. But yeah , maybe the Wii FIT is starting to work? I feel a bit lighter even though I havent been very active lately. We shall see if it will help out more with my goal of looking "smokin hot" by october so that I can wear a cute bathing suit in october for my 24th bday in hawaii. Yippee!!
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Great night [04 Jan 2009|04:06am]
Went out with ali for the first night in a long while. We went to the topanga mall for a bit of shopping, then grabbed delish sushi at "little brother's sushi". Had yummy tuna! Went to jamie's going away party- Mike, Nat, Katie, and Ash were there. Then went back to Ali's and watched silly videos. I miss her and feel bad that we don't hang out way more. Shes too amazing :)
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haha [12 Nov 2008|10:00pm]
Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!
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[05 Dec 2007|05:55pm]
so work is getting fun. yay! I feel bad for neglecting my friends though. I don't know. spice girls sunday yay! can't wait for xmas
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lately [04 Nov 2007|12:19am]
So life's been crazy since starting my job at amgen. I've been so tired and not getting too much sleep. Also i've been kinda bored with life. I never have enough time to go out to shows or anything. I miss going out with bry or going to musicals and working numbskull shows. Oh well, the money is much needed. And other sad news is that alpine is closing. this whole month its kinda been my home away from home. now we'll have to find a new ventura venue or someone with a million bucks to buy the venue. I love all the staff that works there and they will all be jobless. it makes me sad. oh well
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got the job!!!!! [24 Oct 2007|12:47am]
I think I got a job!!!! I'll know more in the coming days.... yay!!! Amgen here I come
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[23 Oct 2007|01:02am]
Had a job interview today at amgen. think it went well...then ran over to leftover crack. punkshows are so ridiculous.
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fires [22 Oct 2007|05:19am]
Gosh these fires are so distracting. There are 12 total, the closest being malibu and santa rosa.... california is one big bbq smelling pile of smoke. Pretty nasty. Sucks though because it is worrisome that they are so close and I definitely need to sleep tonight...I have an interview at amgen in less than 12 hours. yikes! Time to try to sleep. Sorry for typos I'm typing this from bed....
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What weather! [21 Oct 2007|05:47pm]
So last night, I was supposed to go out but wanted to stay in since I didnt feel well. Denis is in town and we were supposed to go to a bar with him and bry and lauren. Instead I stayed home and was kept awake all night by the stupid wind. So by 6 am I finally passed out from being so tired and woke up today to 11 fires in ca. Fires are really unfortunate and I hope the fire departments get them contained quickly. The air is so thick, it looks like the apocalypse outside. The entire sky is brown with smoke. the sun is bright orange. Its unhealthy to people with sensitive lungs.

I hope everyone stays safe. Just so Im prepared, Ive packed necessities in my car and have all my sentimental stuff written on a list in case the worst happens since it is so windy and I live right by a trail that connects to malibu.

Malibu Fire informationCollapse )
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i hate ignorance [20 Oct 2007|07:48pm]
[ mood | angry ]

ok seriously today was a nightmare. The verizon store in westlake village sucks a lot. chrissy and I bought phones from there about 2 weeks ago. we also bought car chargers. when we went to use them, they had given us the wrong ones. so we go to exchange them and buy extended batteries. then they give us the wrong batteries. so we go to exchange those and in the store my phone completely dies so I lose all my contacts and pictures. a bad day at verizon. just venting sorry

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Oh michael ball.. I adore you [05 Sep 2007|06:00am]
I cannot believe michael freaking ball is going to be playing edna turnblad in hairspray in october. Previews are the 11th and the show opens the 30th. I NEED to see this, whether its video or flying my butt over there. This is amazing news.

Such interesting news.
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hm [02 Aug 2007|03:42am]
do you ever think of something so much you get a realized version of that thing in your head then when you come across that thing again its NOTHING like how you envisioned it? yeah. weird.
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oh hah [17 Jul 2007|03:26am]
I almost forgot to mention two more funny things:
billy was kicked out of sy devore and enblessin broke up. CRAZY!
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today was swell. [17 Jul 2007|03:25am]
chrissy finally got her learners permit (yay her!). Then went to dinner with ali and lauren and they were nice to each other. Then watched good movies with bry and bought 8 dvds for $47. Thank you blockbuster!

Yippee! Now just need to get a job and a band and life couldn't be better.
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